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  • Analyst Dan Ives says that Apple will not lay off thousands of workers as many Big Tech firms are doing, because it is so well run by Tim Cook.Apple has made layoffs in its retail chain, specifically employees in Best Buy stores. It's also cut 100 recruiters, but it has so far avoided the mass […]
  • Here are a few of the popular resources teachers are using to teach about lots of different types of farms:…
  • WebProNews GM Finally Begins Production of the Hummer SUV General Motors has finally begun production of the Hummer SUV, over a year after production of the Hummer pickup began. GM Finally Begins Production of the Hummer SUV Staff
  • There are generally two reasons why you would want to blur a picture. Such as when you need to censor something in a photo or a screenshot to blur something embarrassing or hide sensitive information. Another reason is to enhance the beauty of a photo. You can achieve this by applying background blur effects, which […]

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