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  • Microsoft has revealed details of an upcoming visual update to Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows which is due to hit general availability by the end of this quarter. "Vivid" and "vibrant" are words Microsoft is using to describe the new look and feel that will be making its way to the software soon. A quintet […]
  • Fantastic Four is easily one of the most anticipated MCU movies of the Multiverse Saga, right after the Avengers crossovers and Spider-Man 4. After Fox … The post Fantastic Four: Release date, cast, trailers, & everything we know appeared first on BGR.
  • Porsche cut its minting of a new NFT collection short after a dismal turnout and backlash from the crypto community, allowing threat actors to fill the void by creating phishing sites that steal digital assets from cryptocurrency wallets. […]
  • In today’s AI world, all the rage is about ChatGPT, the free natural language processing tool launched on Nov. 30, 2022, by OpenAI. The new AI-driven chatbot writes human-like answers about any topic faster than any subject matter expert, and to some extent, it is scary.Last week, Google published a research paper describing MusicLM, an […]

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