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  • Igor's Lab recently stumbled upon the issue while tinkering around in MSI Center. Using an MSI B550 Unify board with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor, Igor noticed the software was seemingly detecting the chip as a standard Ryzen 5xxx, which does not have 3D vertically stacked L3 cache.Read Entire Article
  • Research firm IDC (via Bloomberg) estimates that Sony will likely sell about 270,000 units of the PSVR2, which launched on February 22, by the end of March.Read Entire Article
  • The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is trying to hunt for unknown nuclear threats by using machine learning (ML) algorithms. PNNL, which is one of the United States Department of Energy national laboratories, said that ML is everywhere now, and that it can be used to create "secure, trustworthy, science-based…Read Entire Article
  • CD Projekt Red's latest financial results show that it brought in $222 million in revenue last year, up from the $207 million it made the previous year. Net profit was also up year-on-year, jumping 66% from $49 million in 2021 to $81 million in 2022. An 18% fall in operating costs also helped the company's […]
  • The MSI G253PF is the latest in the long list of monitors with incredibly high refresh rates. It's not quite as fast as the Asus Rog Swift 500Hz and Alienware AW2524H, both of which can hit 500Hz, though MSI's model is the same size as the former (24 inches).Read Entire Article – A great resource to quickly preview news feeds from over 200 popular tech news websites and blogs.

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