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  • If you have ever encountered a message on your iPhone that reads “iPhone is disabled, try again in X minutes,” you might wonder why this happened and look for ways to unlock disabled iPhone. Why is my iPhone Disabled? There are several reasons for it, including entering the wrong passcode multiple times, a glitch in […]
  • Spotify has recently introduced Smart Shuffle, a new play mode for its Premium users on iOS and Android. Smart Shuffle replaces Enhance and offers personalized recommendations for user-curated playlists. By enabling it, users can discover new music and enjoy fresh listening sessions. What is Smart Shuffle on Spotify? The Smart Shuffle mode mixes perfectly tailored […]
  • iOS features a Do Not Disturb mode that comes in handy on various occasions. For instance, you can use DND to avoid any interruptions while you’re at work, in a movie, or spending time with your family. When DND is turned on, all the incoming calls, text messages, and app notifications are delivered silently. You […]
  • Can you imagine your life without scrolling through Facebook Stories or Instagram Reels? You and 4.89 billion people cannot! Today, billions of people use social media platforms to stay connected with their loved ones, read news stories, fill their spare time, watch live streams, find products to purchase, and the list goes on. As a […]
  • While sharing movies or important business videos with your friend or boss, WhatsApp size limitations will restrict you from doing it. Social media companies always limit file transfer size to ensure quick and efficient communication among all users. However, if you want to send large videos over the app’s video size limit, you will need […] – A great resource to quickly preview news feeds from over 200 popular tech news websites and blogs.

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