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Stop Robocalls: How to Get Rid of Spam Calls

 We Really Recommend This Podcast Episode

 How Old Are You, Really? New Tests Want to Tell You

 Platforms Can Optimize for Metrics Beyond Engagement

 How to Understand the Delivered and Read Icons in Google Messages

 Garmin’s Forerunner 265 and 965 are bright additions to the lineup, literally

 Help, My Therapist Is Also an Influencer!

 This Hacker Tool Can Pinpoint a DJI Drone Operator’s Exact Location

 Setting up security keys for Apple accounts

 How to Search Comments on a Reddit Post

 Did Galaxy Z Fold 5 and iPhone 15 OLED screens appear at MWC?

 Snapchat Is Making It Easier to Keep Snap Streaks Going

 Here’s the most important ingredient for a wildly good orgasm

 Stephanie Hsu describes watching ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ on a plane

 Learn how to automate everything in web development

 The best sexting apps for NSFW exchanges

 What is Outline: The VPN by Google’s Jigsaw group explained

 How to set up a Google Outline VPN and Server

 Best smartwatches for running in 2023

 Emojis Are Financial Advice, Activision Hacked, and Will ChatGPT-Powered AI Steal Your Job?

 Xiaomi’s first Wear OS 3 smartwatch could launch this year

 What is GrapheneOS: The privacy-focused Android fork explained

 The best sex and dating apps for hooking up

 Wear OS watches now support Google Wallet in 60 countries

 The next big threat to AI might already be lurking on the web

 Pedro Pascal narrated an audiobook if you want 8 straight hours of his voice

 4 New Foldable Phones Shown at MWC 2023

 Page turn animation on Apple’s Books app is back in latest iOS beta

 A profile of Emily M. Bender, a computational linguist at the University of Washington who co-wrote a paper in 2020 to illustrate what LLMs can and cannot do (Elizabeth Weil/New York Magazine)

 What’s the difference between AMOLED, OLED, and POLED displays?

 Best games like Super Smash Bros. on Android in 2023

 The Best Office Gadgets to Aid Your Creativity

 How to Upload Images to a Supabase Storage Bucket From a Next.js App

 How WIRED Will Use Generative AI Tools

 The Lie Detector Was Never Very Good at Telling the Truth

 ‘The Last of Us’ star Bella Ramsey tweets glorious behind the scenes shots from episode 7

 TikTok: Why is it being banned from government devices?

 Motorola Razr 2023 confirmed by Lenovo’s CEO, apparently coming soon

 Snapchat’s Snapstreaks are about to get more flexible — for a fee

 Staff and analysts: the ~$43B FIS-Worldpay deal suffered from incompatibility, Worldpay’s slow response to changing user needs, and more, resulting in the split (Financial Times)

 MWC 2023 Live Blog: the latest mobile news from OnePlus, Xiaomi, Honor, and more

 Webb telescope sees bizarre galaxy cluster triplets

 Sleekform’s Austin kneeling chair helped my posture at the expense of comfort

 Your SaaS setup could be a major security risk to your business

 Daily Authority: 🎨 Fresh Galaxy A34 and A54 leak shows off colorways

 Lionel Messi ordered 24K gold iPhone 14 Pros for all his World Cup teammates

 Deadpool 3: Release date, cast, trailers, & everything we know

 Two more RTX 4000-series cards enter the Steam survey

 China’s Big Fund pledged to invest ~$1.9B in memory chipmaker YMTC, suggesting Beijing is again increasing spending on its beleaguered industry after US curbs (Bloomberg)

 Google Pixel 7a: Everything we know so far

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