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Chances of a national TikTok ban grow with upcoming bill in Senate

 The Last of Us episode 8 release date, time, channel, and plot

 Where to watch The Last of Us: stream episode 8 for FREE

 Microsoft Edge VSR is another Video Super Resolution tool for upscaling videos

 Tesla Loose Bolt Leads to Massive EV Recall! Affected Models and Other Details

 Intel’s latest Game On Driver for Arc Graphics brings big gains to Halo Infinite

 ChatGPT-powered AI Tutors to Teach Children in UAE, But it Wouldn’t Replace Educators

 US adds Inspur – friend to Intel, IBM, Cisco and hyperscalers – to export ban list

 Siri co-creator Adam Cheyer says generative AI will spur an assistant voice renaissance; Satya Nadella says Cortana, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant “don’t work” (Dave Lee/Financial Times)

 Airbus to Create the First High-Performance Satellite ‘Angeo-1’ to Monitor Angola’s Region

 Samsung’s February 2023 security patch now on Galaxy S20 and Z Flip 4 in the US

 China accelerates drive for scientific self-sufficiency

 Creed 3 and the anime that inspired it

 The mushrooms you can wear and build with

 Hackaday Links: March 5, 2023

 Scammers are using voice-cloning AI to impersonate family members in distress, sometimes spoofing specific numbers to further the ruse, and victims fall for it (Pranshu Verma/Washington Post)

 Netflix should put SNL out of its misery by following the Chris Rock special with more live comedy

 Amazon Is Shuttering Multiple Amazon Go Stores

 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is reportedly getting a major update soon

 The Pocket Sonar Was A Strange Game Boy Accessory That Helped You Fish

 A Privacy Hero’s Final Wish: An Institute to Redirect AI’s Future

 Chances of a national TikTok ban grow with upcoming bill in Senate

 Microsoft is testing a redesigned Windows 11 audio mixer

 15 Best Single-Player Games On PS5, Ranked

 Twitter can’t protect you from trolls any more, insiders say

 The Best Widgets To Add To Your Android Phone’s Home Screen

 Police are using Facebook chat logs to prosecute abortion seekers

 Here’s Why Cadillac’s Futuristic EV Sedan Is One Worth Waiting For

 This Bizarre CD Player Had A Turntable Built In

 Everything Coming to Chicken Soup for the Soul in March 2023

 LibreOffice 7.5.1 Brings Improved Dark Mode, 90+ Bug Fixes

 An interview with Ask Jeeves’ co-creator Garrett Gruener, who says his original idea was similar to the chatbots Microsoft and Google are trying to build today (Charlie Warzel/The Atlantic)

 Chocolate 3D Printer, Cocoa Press, to Ship this Fall for $1,499. Pre-Orders Start in April.

 10 Kit Cars You Should Absolutely Stay Away From

 Crucial P3 Plus 4TB SSD receives 38% discount and hits lowest price yet on Amazon

 The Incredible Capabilities Of The World’s First Combat Jet Fighter

 Grieving women warn of TikTok scam involving sending loved ones’ ashes to a fake artist who uses the remains for extortion

 Octopus brains are more alien than we previously thought

 Don’t Make These Mistakes When Shopping at T.J. Maxx – CNET

 Snake Keylogger Malware Removal Guide

 Side gig: How to get paid for online jury duty

 21 Best Vinyl Accessories (2023): Cleaning Gear, Mats, Displays, and More

 Graphene and Copper Nanowire Thermal Interface with Low Thermal Resistance

 Marc Benioff Thinks More Tech CEOs Will Copy Elon Musk

 Hubble captures a cosmic sea monster with this image of a jellyfish galaxy

 Spam calls on WhatsApp could become easier to ignore with a new toggle

 Travel Checklist: Do You Pack Your Carry-On the Right Way? – CNET

 Pano Clipboard Manager for GNOME Shell Updated

 How to Use the tee Command to Split Terminal Output on Linux

 A new Counter-Strike game is reportedly in development and could arrive later this month

 Apple’s 2023 Mac Plans Could See The iMac Getting The Attention It Deserves

 I’m Microsoft’s former VP of HR. Here are the 3 types of employees most at risk during layoffs — and the 2 that are safest.

 Bonnie And Clyde’s Iconic Car: How Much It’s Worth Today

 Researchers design a ‘space salad’ to keep astronauts healthy and happy

 The best free FPS games you can play right now

 How to Create a URL Shortener Using Python and Bitly

 Chris Rock finally calls out Will Smith’s Oscars slap in live Netflix special

 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Launches Booster Course Pass DLC with Retro Tracks Remastered

 Best Xbox Controller for 2023: Series X and Series S – CNET

 As industry lauds 5G potential, businesses will need to justify investment

 I just used Google’s Magic Eraser on my Chromebook and Galaxy S23 Ultra

 How to Import and Export Your Contacts on a Mac

 EU Governments Are Looking to Nextcloud to Escape Microsoft

 4K TV Deals: Great Prices on Samsung, LG, Vizio and More – CNET

 Best Multipoint Bluetooth Headphones and Earbuds for 2023 – CNET

 3D Modeling on Your PC vs. Your Tablet: Which Is Better?

 What Does a Red “X” Sign on Your Windows Folders Mean?

 Honor Magic Vs Review

 5 underrated sci-fi movies you need to watch

 I retrofitted my blinds to make them smart, and it’s been awesome

 How to make tech more sustainable: Five practical ways to make it happen

 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra cases and covers in 2023

 How to Read Classic Literature for Free on Android: The 4 Best Apps

 Samsung’s 49-inch Odyssey Quantum Mini-LED monitor is $600 off

 AMD explains how the new 3D V-Cache improves over the original

 Why Your Microsoft Outlook Email View Changed And How To Fix It

 DJI quietly discontinues its drone-detecting AeroScope system

 7 Best Chromium Based Browsers With Extra Features

 Sources and docs: Binance and Binance.US have been more intertwined than disclosed, sharing staff, finances, and an affiliated entity to buy and sell crypto (Wall Street Journal)

 Deal Alert! Anker Has a Huge Sale on a Powerful Battery Pack

 How To “Split Screen” on a Chromebook/on ChromeOS

 Health data privacy is the focus of a new bill in Congress

 6 Types of Smart Clothing to Improve Health and Fitness

 Meta will amend its elitist cross-check program, sort of

 Exercise Isn’t the Only Hobby That Boosts Your Mental Health – CNET

 Coway’s Airmega 250 is decent air purifier, but only if you need one

 The best robot vacuums for 2023

 Roman Space Telescope will survey the sky 1,000 times faster than Hubble

 How to Use PowerShell to Enable or Disable Hibernation on Windows

 How Much Does a Heated Driveway Cost?

 Realme “GT Neo 5 Lite” with top-speed display slated to launch soon

 6 Ways to Disable Remote Desktop on Windows 11

 Learn to Code While Playing Rocket League? Yes, Really

 Researcher Turns Raspberry Pi into a Brain Interface

 Everyone Should Be Using Safari’s Hidden Picture-in-Picture Mode on Mac – CNET

 Researcher Turns Raspberry Pi into a Brain Interface

 Microsoft Surface Pro 9 ARM review – The high-end ARM convertible disappoints

 This Alienware gaming PC with an RTX 3060 is $820 off right now

 This popular JLab USB-C microphone is 50% off right now

 Why The Bugatti La Voiture Noire Is So Unbelievably Expensive

 5 Multi-Factor Authentication Vulnerabilities and How to Resolve Them

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