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This Electric Honda Sports Bike Concept Had A Bright Future (Until It Didn’t)

 A 10-step playbook for founders with Silicon Valley Bank accounts

 Sources: the FDIC is racing to sell SVB’s assets and make 30% to 50% or more of clients’ uninsured deposits available as soon as Monday (Bloomberg)

 The 15 Best Free VR Games You Can Get Right Now (March 2023)

 Y Combinator calls on Congress to act on SVB collapse

 Quick and Dirty Microscope Motion Control for Focus Stacking

 Cerebral admits to sharing patient data with Meta, TikTok, and Google

 Brex CEO is trying to raise over $1 billion in a weekend for SVB-related bridge loans

 USDC stablecoin breaks dollar peg following Silicon Valley Bank collapse

 In an email to sellers, Etsy warns that the SVB collapse is causing delays in processing payments; one seller says it would be “catastrophic” for his business (Rob Wile/NBC News)

 Pi-Powered Microcontroller is a Lego Astronaut with an RGB Suit

 Years on from the M600, Polar Electro may be getting back into Wear OS watches

 5 Ways the Xbox Series X|S Represents Environmentally-Friendly Gaming

 10 Reasons The 1964 Chevy Impala Is A Sought-After Collector’s Car

 The 6 Best Free XML Editors Online

 Which iPhone 14 Color Is Best for You?

 Microsoft used FTC’s anti-Nintendo market definition to make Sony seem bigger

 All Demiguise Statue locations in Hogwarts Legacy

 Linux GUI Frameworks and Widget Toolkits Explained

 The Best PS VR2 Accessories That Will Upgrade Your VR Experience

 Meta says it plans to block Canadians’ ability to view or share news content on Facebook and Instagram if the country’s proposed Online News Act becomes law (Marie Woolf/Globe and Mail)

 Promote a Healthy Circadian Rhythm Using These 7 Mobile Apps

 More than 110 VC firms, led by General Catalyst, are banding together in support of Silicon Valley Bank

 Tecno Phantom V Fold: the affordable foldable smartphone we’ve been waiting for!

 How to Design a Logo in 5 Simple Steps

 VCs are declaring their allegiances in the wake of SVB’s collapse

 We might not see Iron Man 4 or Black Panther 3 in the MCU – and that’s a problem

 ECOVACS’ 25-anniversary deals will get you up to $550 savings on its best products 

 OnePlus Pad first impressions: a step above the rest

 Relativity Space’s 3D-printed rocket fails to lift off during second launch attempt

 Silicon Valley Bank implodes, Apple launches a new music service, and ChatGPT goes enterprise

 An interview with Gowalla co-founder and CEO Josh Williams as he re-launches his location-based social networking app at SXSW, 14 years after its debut (Darrell Etherington/TechCrunch)

 Video recording of Microsoft’s merger press conference in Brussels has surfaced

 Elon Musk’s latest project: Defending the QAnon Shaman and his role on Jan. 6

 What is Dolby Vision? The dynamic HDR format fully explained

 The best USB-C earbuds in 2023

 With no sign of Galaxy S23 FE, fate of fan-favorite series hangs in doubt

 Should You Buy Physical or Digital Nintendo Switch Games?

 What Is an Incident Responder and How Can You Become One?

 Can you play PSVR games on PSVR2?

 A Retro-Style Trainer For Motorola’s 1-Bit Chip

 Best Educational Technology Websites for Teachers and Educators

 How to Take a Screenshot on a Samsung Phone or Tablet

 What Is Snake Keylogger and Are You at Risk?

 Why You Won’t Be Buying a Rollable Phone Anytime Soon – CNET

 Regulators are requesting SVB employees to stay on for the next 45 days

 Sony can’t tell us why the 10-year Call of Duty deal is bad for PlayStation

 How to Enable Copy and Paste in Application Guard for Edge in Windows 11

 Sources: some hedge funds are offering to buy startups’ deposits at SVB for 60 to 80 cents on the dollar; Filing: ~96% of deposits as of Dec. 31 were uninsured (Semafor)

 Deal Alert! Amazon’s Huge Fire TV Sale Ends Soon!

 Steam on ChromeOS: Which games can you play on your Chromebook?

 Is In-Flight Wi-Fi Worth The Cost Or Should You Save Your Money?

 Marshall Middleton review: a road-worthy portable powerhouse

 Rust Control Structures and How to Use Them

 The Yellow iPhone 14 Does Yellow Proud – CNET

 SBV collapse led to finger-pointing, as some crypto advocates preach and scold while some investors argue crypto collapses set the stage for SVB’s collapse (New York Times)

 iOS 16 Has a Hidden Photo Tool That’s Like Photoshop for Your iPhone – CNET

 5 Things You Should Know About Steel Decking

 Motorola’s Rollable Phone Concept Points to a Wild Future – CNET

 iPhone 14 Pro vs. Galaxy S23 Ultra: This Ex-Android Lover Has Thoughts – CNET

 Hubble captures a messy irregular galaxy which hosted a supernova

 How to Build Your Own Bluetooth Speaker

 Tony Yoka vs Carlos Takam live stream: watch the boxing live

 How to Watch UFC Fight Night: Yan vs. Dvalishvili on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, & More

 KeysOff Women’s Day and Spring Sale: Get Genuine Software at Great Prices for New PC Builds

 AMD Shows First Ryzen 7 7800X3D Game Benchmarks, Up To 24% Faster Than Core i9-13900K

 The 7 Best Photo Organizer Apps For Windows

 Who Needs to Pay Taxes on State Stimulus Money? What You Need to Know – CNET

 ‘Molli and Max in the Future’ review: ‘When Harry Met Sally…’ in a galaxy far, far away

 OK, what is going on with SVB?

 Venture capitalists are blaming each other for triggering the disastrous collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

 How to Hide Posts From Someone on Instagram

 Small phones are rare nowadays, but rollables could change that

 Do smart scales work? Everything you need to know about smart weight watching

 Apple Finally Gives Classical Music Fans the App They Want

 What is 5G UC? Here’s what that icon on your phone really means

 Apple Finally Gives Classical Music Fans the App They Want

 Best 5G phones in 2023

 WhatsApp finally pushes new Unicode 15.0 emoji to beta testers

 8 Great Virtual Reality Ports of Existing Games

 This Week in Apps: TikTok-style feeds come to Spotify and Reddit; Meta’s Fediverse plans

 Telecom news roundup: CRTC to review internet competition [Mar. 4-10]

 Best Monitors We’ve Tested in 2023 – CNET

 How CNET Tests Monitors – CNET

 GeForce RTX 4080 Review: Sufficiently Speedy for Solid 4K – CNET

 How to prevent Gmail events from showing up in your Google Calendar

 Biggest Tax Mistakes to Avoid for a Quick Tax Refund – CNET

 Twitter is in decline and less stable under Elon Musk, echoing LiveJournal and Tumblr falling apart under new ownership that didn’t understand their communities (Gita Jackson/The Verge)

 Poll: Do you like the new Spotify Home experience?

 You Can Now Access ChatGPT and Whisper APIs: What This Means for Businesses

 What Ever Happened to Plasma TVs?

 Xiaomi 13 Ultra: Upcoming flagship phone tipped to arrive in May

 HP is blocking third-party printer ink again

 How to Choose an HDR Gaming Monitor – CNET

 Microsoft confirms it won’t be on the E3 2023 show floor

 Alienware 34-inch QD-OLED Monitor Review: It Brings the Pretty – CNET

 How to Save Money Buying an Electric Scooter – CNET

 6 Risks of Using Cheap Windows Activation Keys

 Mack Debuts Its New Medium-Duty Electric Truck

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