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Meta Launches Subscription Service in US

 Sabrent storage sale has a great deal on Steam Deck ready Rocket 2230 1TB SSD

 Oppo reveals when its next flagship phone series will debut

 12 Rarest Ford Mustang Models Ever Made

 A Look at Zweikanalton Stereo Audio and Comparison With NICAM

 Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 2 benchmarked: Taking the fight to the flagships

SAVE 50% (limited time) – VTOMAN V6 Jump Starter, 1500A Peak Portable Jump Starter Box for 12V Car Lithium Battery Booster Pack, with Power Bank Charger, Jumper Cables for Up 7.0L Gas and 5.0L Diesel Engines

 How to keep using Google Maps even when your phone is offline

 AWS delivers a – rather late – major release of its homebrew Linux distribution

 Harley-Davidson’s Electric Motorcycle Goes on Sale in Europe

 Mercedes-Benz Aims to Modernize Manufacturing Plants in China, Germany, Hungary

 Google Store Pixel 7 Sale Extended: Buyers Can Still Get $150 Off

 ‘LEGO 2K Drive’ Rumor Revealed: ‘Mario Kart’ With Open-World Elements?

 FBI Arrests BreachForum Owner for Hacking Agency’s Email Servers in 2021

 Source: in his upcoming March 23 testimony to Congress, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew plans to unveil that TikTok has 150M MAUs in the US, up from 100M in August 2020 (Carol E. Lee/NBC News)

 Axiom-3 Mission Bound for ISS this November, Private Launch to Orbit Announced

 Beats Fit Pro tips and tricks for iOS and Android users

 TSMC’s Container Maker is Hidden Jewel of Japan’s Chip Industry

 Twitter Two-Factor Authentication SMS Closes Today, What to Do for Security Verifications?

 Here’s How to Boost Your Daily Happiness in Only 3 Minutes – CNET

 ‘Succession’ Season 4: How to Watch and Where to Stream – CNET

 Taiwan Chip Exports to China Sputter on Tensions, Falling Demand

 10 Best Free Nintendo Switch Games You Can Download Right Now

 The FDIC announces a deal to sell Signature Bank’s deposits, excluding those in its digital banking business, some loans, and its 40 branches to Flagstar Bank (Pete Schroeder/Reuters)

 Strawberry Recall Hits Costco, Aldi, Trader Joe’s, Others – CNET

 What is Amazon Music: everything you need to know

 The best movies on Peacock right now

 TikTok’s Moderators Still Review Child Abuse Despite Vow to Exit

 Both seasons of Showtime’s Yellowjackets have perfect 100% scores on Rotten Tomatoes

 Deal Alert! Anker’s 30W USB-C Charger is At Its Lowest Price of 2023

 TikTok cannot be considered a private company, says Australian report

 The Best Keyboard Switches For Gaming, Ranked

 Amazon’s pocket-sized Echo Dot smart speaker is 50% off today

 Hackaday Links: March 19, 2023

 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster

 Sources: Netflix’s ad-supported tier reached ~1M MAUs in the US after its second month, and the company fulfilled its forecasted deliveries to advertisers (Lucas Shaw/Bloomberg)

 Tidally locked exoplanets could be habitable in the ‘terminator zone’

 Google’s Pixel 7a will force Apple to make a great iPhone SE 4

 Microsoft starts shaming unsupported Windows 11 PCs, but offers a way to deal with it

 The Bizarre Trait Many Of Guy Fieri’s Cars Have In Common

 How To Get The Best Quality Bluetooth Audio Possible On Mac

 All Sims 4 cheat codes: money, building, romance, and more

 A sparkling field of stars cluster together in Hubble image

 YouTube Music Premium’s latest perk makes turning finds into faves so easy

 Duolingo Transformed Me Into a Monster – CNET

 21 Netflix series that are short enough to binge in one weekend

 What Happened When ChatGPT Got Hold of My Online Dating Profile – CNET

 ‘Quordle’ today: Here are the answers and hints for March 20

 Audiobooks Are Thriving, But Could AI Take Over? – CNET

 Free ChatGPT Based Software to Translate Text and Fix Grammar

 Sharing Your iPhone Screen On FaceTime Is Easy – Here’s How To Do It

 Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023

 View Your Webcam Feed in the Linux Terminal With asciicam

 World Baseball Classic 2023: How to Watch Team USA vs. Cuba on Sunday From Anywhere – CNET

 The Easiest Way to Save $100 on Your Electric Bill: Unplug These Energy Vampires – CNET

 Best free video editing program for Windows, Mac, Linux

 ChatGPT Can Pass the Bar Exam. Does That Actually Matter? – CNET

 When Will Your Tax Refund Arrive? How to Track Your IRS Money – CNET

 A Chromebook for MacBook Pro 14 users: HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook review

 Ukraine is still using unbelievably old Maxim machine guns. Why not, if it does its job?

 You can win a brand new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 from Chrome Unboxed

 9 Power Banks For Steam Deck That Will Keep You Gaming On The Go

 Filmmakers Want Owner of Defunct VPN Arrested in Piracy Case

 Taiwan is not getting rid of its M60 main battle tanks even after 2030

 How to watch March Madness 2023: Your best streaming options

 Luxembourg is sending 14 armored ambulances to Ukraine

 UK DOH Bought More iPhones Than Defibrillators; Health Ministers Criticized

 Google Contacts is giving you a terrific reason to ask your friends for their birthdays

 EarFun’s Air Pro 3 earbuds are surprisingly good for under $100

 The best romantic comedies on Netflix right now

 Are Audis Reliable? Here’s What You Should Know

 The $50 Pen Plotter

 Best budget Android phones 2023

 What Does This Emoji Mean? Emoji Face Meanings Explained

 Steam’s Spring Sale Brings Huge Discounts to 5 Action-Packed Games

 Today’s the last day to switch away from Twitter’s SMS 2FA method

 Sony HT-A9 wireless Dolby Atmos speakers and SA-SW5 subwoofer discounted by up to 35%

 Google Pixel vulnerability allows bad actors to undo Markup screenshot edits and redactions

 Which iPhone Models Support Dual SIM?

 Google might have the perfect phone for everyone this year, and I’m all here for it

 Public Tesla FSD 11.3.2 update released with better blind spot visuals as HW4 brings drastic field of view increase

 How Generative AI Could Negatively Impact Social Media

 How to Keep Default Desktop Icons and Mouse Pointer While Changing Windows 11 Themes

 Is Vegan Meat Healthy? It Depends – CNET

 Plastic rocks were found on a remote island and we should be horrified

 BMW’s Beamer Nickname: Where Did It Come From?

 Pentagon Reports High Rates of Cancer Among Military Pilots, Ground Crews

 The Best Android Widgets For Tracking Habits

 Save $30 when you buy an Echo Studio and Echo Sub together

 Free Website to Discover AI Prompts for ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion

 What Does NASA Stand For, And Was It Originally Called NACA?

 How to Integrate Google Authentication in Next.js Apps Using NextAuth

 Huawei Redesigns 13,000 Components, 4,000 Circuit Boards to Bypass US Sanctions

 Barcelona vs Real Madrid live stream: How to watch for free

 Inter Milan vs Juventus live stream: How to watch for free

 The Secret to Cleaning Your Cast-Iron Skillet Is Already in Your Pantry – CNET

 Google’s project-killing spree has found a fashionable new victim

 Focus on gaming performance: Asus ROG Strix G17 with remarkable single purpose

 Gboard hidden features: 10 tricks and tips to help you master Gboard for Android

 NASA map shows where you can see a solar eclipse across the U.S.

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