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The Top 10 Roku Channels Every Cord Cutter Should Try For April 2023 – On Roku Players, Roku Sticks, & Roku TVs

 Amazon’s CEO is Taking a Massive Pay Cut

 Anker Emergency Power Supplies and Solar Power Generators: Why You Need Them, and Why They’re Better than Engine-Gensets

 Microsoft warns of compatibility issues with new Windows LAPS and Legacy LAPS

 Creality CR-M4 Review: Huge Industrial Workhorse

 How to upload your resume to a job application using your iPhone

 How to Remove Watermarks From PDFs

 What Is Flambient Lighting in Real Estate Photography?

 This little-known feature is my favorite part of using a Mac and iPhone together

 After 6 months with the Google Pixel Watch, all I want is a Pixel Watch 2

 The Biggest Microbiome Study Sheds New Light on Shared Health Risks

 Ring Car Cam Review: Not for Car Owners

 Wearable Display Tech: This New OLED Can Be Worn on Your Wrist!

 How to color the Column dividing line in Word

 Spotify is killing Heardle after less than a year

 Four more vertical formatting tricks in Word

 What Power Connectors Do a Motherboard and a CPU Require?

 Company Replaces Copywriters, Graphic Designers With ChatGPT-like Models

 Tiny DNA circles are key drivers of cancer

 6 ways to add vertical lines in Word

 Weird ChatGPT: 10 Cool Tricks You Can Do With OpenAI’s Chatbot

 This Implantable Device Promises to Shrink Pancreatic Tumors—How?

 Brazil defies US, cozies up to Chinese tech on chip building

 Set your own Text Box default settings in Office

 10 Weird Subreddits You Need to See

 The best Resident Evil 4 mods

 How To Cancel Alarms On Android Or iPhone

 Detecting Anti-Neutrinos from Distant Fission Reactors Using Pure Water at SNO+

 How to Enable a Three-Column Widgets Board in Windows 11

 NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Spots ‘Teeny Tiny Galaxy’ With Massive Star Power!

 Fde.dll Failed to Load: Best Ways to Fix It

 How to Stop Programs From Loading When macOS Starts Up

 How to Stream the MLB (2023): How To Watch Baseball on a Streaming Device

 The Elusive Dream of Fully Autonomous Construction Vehicles

 The promise – and pitfalls – of medical AI headed our way

 How to use the Google Data Restore Tool

 This Week in Gaming (Week 16)

 When I worked at Uber it was painfully obvious that too many of our women employees had to quit to raise kids. I started a childcare insurance company to fix that.

 How to Set Up Medical ID on Your iPhone or Apple Watch

 4 Fixes to Try if the Windows Snip & Sketch Tool Won’t Screenshot the Entire Screen

 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 cases in 2023

 How to overcome noise in quantum computations

 Aires.dll Missing or Not Found: How to Fix This Error

 Windows 11 update is causing issues with taskbar, autohide feature for some users

 The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, created by Congress in 2000, accuses Shein and Pinduoduo’s Temu of data risks, IP infringement, and more (Coco Feng/South China Morning Post)

 10 years ago, Injustice: Gods Among Us told the definitive ‘evil Superman’ story

 The best Samsung phones in 2023: our 8 favorite Galaxy handsets

 12 best hidden object games on Android in 2023

 How to Fix News and Interests High Memory and CPU Usage on Windows 10 and 11

 Best Music Streaming Service of 2023 – CNET

 Fed up with Excel? This site creates formulas for you

 How to Reset the Home Screen on Your Android Device

 I got a manicure with @RicoTaquito, TikTok’s bestie

 How to Restart Microsoft Outlook (Windows and Mac)

 ‘Pinching’ Tesla car windows can be app-controlled again as Close on Lock option returns

 Tim Tadder/Maker tips/Mini sketch book

 Fix The Media Could Not be Loaded Error Google Chrome

 18 best Google TV apps for non-stop streaming

 Comcat.dll: What Is It & How to Fix It When It’s Missing

 How AI tools like ChatGPT can combat ADHD paralysis

 Save 50% on this eSIM plan that gets you access to fast internet around the country

 This console comes packed with thousands of retro video games

 Cool off with this smart WiFi AC controller, now only $56

 Get an EMS face and eye therapy device on sale for under $60

 Enjoy the perks of an iPad mini for under $380 with this refurbished model

 How to configure and use Google Home or Nest speaker groups

 [CuriousMarc] Repairs a Floppy

 Ck2.dll Missing or Not Found: How to Fix It

 Quordle today – hints and answers for Sunday, April 16 (game #447)

 What is Error Code 80180002 & How to Fix It

 How To Add Non Steam Games To Steam Library

 How to Fix Apex Legends Foundation Error Code 110

 Download Broken Screen Wallpapers For iPhone in 2023

 Similarweb: Twitter’s traffic fell 7.7% YoY in March, the third straight month of decline, unique web visitors fell 3.3% YoY, and Android app DAUs fell 9.8% YoY (Shirin Ghaffary/Vox)

 Realtek Semiconductor Corp Extension Install Error [Fix]

 12V DC Power Supply For Starlink RV Tutorial

 Fix “The Payments Page Encountered An Error Please Try Again” ChatGPT

 Fix ChatGPT Not Working: ChatGPT Down, Error 1020, Internal Server Error

 Real Radar Scope CRT Shows Flights Using ADS-B

 Dell.SupportAssist.Client.Plugin.IDiags.dll [Download & Fix]

 How to Use ChatGPT on WhatsApp (2023)

 Amid an AI stocks frenzy, enterprise AI company CXApp’s stock closed at $13.85 on April 14, up from a $1.33 closing on April 11, taking its market cap to ~$164M (Subrat Patnaik/Bloomberg)

 Wordle Today (#666): Wordle answer and hints for April 16

 This discounted game developer bundle comes with a 1-month Xbox Game Pass

 More Bang For Your Buck: Meet The $30 USB-C Cable With A Professional-Grade Power Meter

 Revolutionizing Keyboards: OLED Screens Can Replace Keycaps For Customizable Layouts

 Numerous public service Twitter accounts, including for US National Weather Service offices, say they can’t automatically post all alerts due to new API rules (Matt Binder/Mashable)

 What will Apple announce for iOS 17 in June?

 How To Fix The Most Common Printer Issues And Errors On Mac

 How to choose a robot vacuum

 Relive the Glory Days of Sun Workstations

 James Webb discoveries are challenging what we know about the universe’s evolution

 ‘Wordle’ today: Here’s the answer, hints for April 16

 Does Movies Anywhere Work with Amazon?

 The History Of The Army’s Workhorse Huey Helicopter

 Chinese apps you should remove from your phone

 How to Turn Off Moto Actions on Android

 Movie Theaters Continue to Struggle as Major Advertising Network Files For Bankruptcy Impacting AMC, Cinemark, Regal, & More

 Classic Indian Motorcycles That Are Surprisingly Cheap

 SpaceX Starship debut flight to space received official approval

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