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Microsoft will automatically upgrade Windows 10 21H2 users after support ends next month

 Redbox & AMC Will Stream For Free The Walking Dead Universe & More

 Why Disney+ & Hulu Won’t Merge This Year But Could Next Year – Ask Luke

 As the European Central Bank prepares to pilot a digital euro in October, consumers, financiers, and politicians are questioning the project’s aims and benefits (Financial Times)

 Ring’s founder will become Latch’s CEO after selling a stealth startup to the company

 Pakistan’s free VPN users get their data allowance tripled with relief code

 Large language models’ surprise emergent behavior written off as ‘a mirage’

 Nothing CEO Carl Pei reviews Apple’s AirPods Pro 2

 Which 8BitDo controller should you buy? Ultimate 2.4g, Lite SE, Pro 2, SN30 Pro+ and SN30 Pro compared

 Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar are finally going to play nice together

 World of Warcraft Classic to get hardcore mode – when you die, it’s permadeath

 NewLimit, cofounded by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, raises $40M to extend life

 Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s shrines are even better than Breath of the Wild’s

 The Google One Editing Tools Worth Trying in Google Photos

 Can you use a stylus with the Pixel Tablet?

 Futu and Tiger Brokers, two Nasdaq-listed online brokerages catering to clients in China, plan to remove apps from Chinese app stores and stop taking on users (James T. Areddy/Wall Street Journal)

 Ubuntu Making ‘Significant Changes’ to PPAs for 23.10

 Microsoft has finally fixed a cool Windows 11 Spotify feature – so what took so long?

 The Morning After: This company will give you a free TV if you’re willing to watch non-stop ads

 NASA’s Juno Mission Set to Fly Past Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon Io

 New leaks reveal Apple VR headset details – including the reasons for its sky-high price

 Does the Google Pixel Fold have a crease?

 Avatar: The Way of Water is swimming onto Disney Plus and Max in June

 OpenAI CEO Sam Altman plans to tell Congress that AI regulation is “essential”, stress the need for government flexibility, and recommend safety measures (Cristina Criddle/Financial Times)

 GeForce RTX 4070 vs. RTX 2070: Worthy Upgrade or Not?

 How to Spot Fake AirPods in 2023? Tips and Best Alternatives

 2023 NBA Draft Lottery: where to watch the live stream for free

 Pixel 7a versus Galaxy A54: Which one should you buy?

 3 of the best Mastodon apps to use on iPhone to help move on from Twitter

 8 SSD Myths and Misconceptions People Still Believe

 Sea Misses Profit Estimates, Showing Turnaround Still Fragile

 Best Mechanical Keyboards for Mac 2023

 What is User32.dll & How to Fix its Errors?

 The Pandemic Isn’t Over. Here’s How to Stay Safe

 Autonomous Worlds Aim to Free Online Games From Corporate Control

 How Do I Remove Zoosk from Facebook

 The U.S. Tech Industry Needs China

 Select Xbox Wireless Controllers are up to 20 percent off today

 Windows Server slaps updates on this menacing security issue

 Mobile Photography Week 2023: Our big phone camera celebration

 Looker Comes to Google Cloud Console

 Q&A with Michael Lewis on his FTX book, “Going Infinite: The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon”, slated for October 3, visiting SBF, the forthcoming trial, and more (Alexandra Alter/New York Times)

 Microsoft Teams will let you have secret offline meetings to gossip about all the things you shouldn’t

 How To Block Outgoing Calls On iPhone

 Microsoft just gave you a new way to stay safe from viruses

 The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 may have just got a launch date

 Amazon is bringing AI search to your shopping experience, and I’m not sold

 3 Ways to Silence Whatsapp Calls From Unknown Numbers

 The AP guide to computational photography

 Layers of Fear remake is getting a facelift with Ray Tracing, 4K resolution and more

 Best value smartphone data plans in the US right now for single lines and families

 Spotify expands AI-powered DJ feature to UK and Ireland

 The AP Guide to NFC: What it is and how to use it

 Cheaper Samsung OLED TVs are coming, thanks to a deal with LG

 Who loves programming robots? Who wishes it was easier? Check out Flowstate

 Baidu reports Q1 revenue up 10% YoY to ~$4.5B and ~$834M net income, both above analyst estimates, driven by its ad and cloud businesses (Zheping Huang/Bloomberg)

 TCL’s new TVs for 2023 are affordable and feature-rich

 Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) Review: Still Our Favorite Smart Display

 a16z-backed Rooms.xyz lets you build interactive, 3D rooms and simple games in your browser

 10 best golf games on Android 2023

 8 Common HTML Mistakes You Should Avoid for Better Web Development

 With Tears of the Kingdom, Zelda gets the spotlight she’s always deserved

 I wish I could help every one of you

 How to Screen Tenants Effectively Online

 USB Device Over Current Status Detected: 3 Ways to Fix

 How to Turn Your Samsung Galaxy Watch On or Off

 The Plastic Crisis Finally Gets Emergency Status

 This Is Catfishing on an Industrial Scale

 Microsoft Teams Free vs. Paid: What’s Different?

 The Wordle archive is gone, but you can still find past Wordle answers here

 Is PunkBuster Needed for BF4?

 This new iPhone 16 Pro rumor has killed our excitement for the iPhone 15 Pro

 Twitter Further Explains Why It Restricted Content Leading up to Turkey’s Election

 Steam now offers 90-minute hassle-free game trials

 The Top 6 Rippling Competitors and Alternatives for 2023

 The Top 6 Rippling Competitors and Alternatives for 2023

 Office workers and CISOs really aren’t on the same page when it comes to security

 Manga Publisher Wants Cloudflare to Expose Operators of Popular ‘Piracy’ Sites

 Samsung admits defeat and reportedly inks deal for LG’s OLED TV panels

 After decades of slumber, Japan’s tech industry, which has produced just 10 unicorns, finally shows some signs of life as its startups raised ~$6.4B in 2022 (Roland Kelts/Rest of World)

 How to remove the background from smartphone photos

 Want to hook up your iPhone with Windows 11? Well now you can

 MariaDB CEO: People who want things free also want to have very nice vacations

 DEAL: Crazy discount knocks $450 off the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4!

 Some Pixel phones are running too hot, but a fix is rolling out

 34-inch Samsung Odyssey G85SB QD-OLED 175 Hz curved gaming monitor drops below US$1,300 for the first time

 How to unblock Pornhub for free

 Samsung Gallery: 19 quick tips for stunning photos you must try

 SAP and Microsoft Copilot want to make it easier for your business to hire and train the right workers

 Does Apple build ‘planned obsolescence’ into its products? French investigation to find out begins

 Is Xenoverse 2 Game Cross Platform on Xbox and PS4?

 Netflix’s ‘MerPeople’ trailer teases the ebbs and flows of being a professional mermaid

 Is an updated ISO of Windows 11 coming soon?

 Apple may have leaked the name of its mixed reality operating system

 Samsung just launched a ‘Tactical Edition’ Galaxy S23

 Apple’s Mac Mini M2 falls back to an all-time low of $500

 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: Release date, cast, trailers, & everything we know

 Facebook said it unsent those accidental friend requests from last week

 How to create your own custom Slack emoji

 Baidu’s Revenue Beats After China Recovery Fuels Advertising

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