Daily “QUICK READ” Tech News Headlines #154

All news posts headlines are randomly selected from top tech news feeds and blog sources.

5 Reasons the Mac Mini Is a Top Mini PC, Even for PC Users

 Deal Alert! Get Paramount+ & Showtime 50% Off For A Limited Time

 Max is Missing Some of Discovery+’s Content

 YouTube TV is Suffering a DVR Outage

 How to Store and Run Applications From Your Mac’s External Drive

 Microsoft Officially Appeals UK CMA Decision to Block the Activision Blizzard Merger

 How to Find Someone’s Dating Profile by Phone Number

 Worldwide Issues Hit ChatGPT, Service is Down

 How to Add Your Own Music to Instagram Reels

 (PR) EK Launches EK-Quantum Reflection² Distro Plate for ASUS ROG Hyperion GR701 Chassis

 You can’t translate Quebec sites on old versions of Chrome anymore

 Nreal Becomes Xreal, Launches Beam Module for AR Gaming on PCs and Consoles

 Get three months of the Paramount+/Showtime bundle for $18

 The new Nreal Air AR smart glasses’ ‘brain’ could solve the gadget’s biggest problems

 Philips Evnia 34M2C7600 Review: High Contrast and Wide Gamut Color

 What do you think of the Pixel 8 Pro’s rumored thermometer?

 How to Use ChatGPT in Other Languages

 Best smart light brands in 2023

 Nymbus lands $70M to help banks digitally transform

 Over six months later, this is my favorite iPhone 14 Pro feature

 Tweak that revives classic app download progress bar updated to support rootless jailbreaks

 5 great tools to remove pesky programs on your Windows PC

 Hello Neighbor comes to VR and it’s downright creepy

 Digital Culture Is Literally Reshaping Women’s Faces

 Roblox goes to college

 Here’s how Apple’s Health app protects your privacy – and how you can take control of your data

 Sony reveals new handheld designed for streaming PS5 games

 How to Stream Apollo Group TV on Firestick

 China Dismisses US Critical Infra Espionage Allegations as ‘Collective Disinformation Campaign’

 Pegasus was used in the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict to target a government worker, a UN official, and others in 2021 and 2022, the first known use in a war (Access Now)

 10 Amazon Gaming Week sales that every PC gamer should shop

 Apple to Add Smart Display Features to Locked iPhones with iOS 17

 Sony’s PS5 wireless earbuds want to be your best gaming buds, but I’m not so sure

 What Is a Vector Database, and How Do They Boost AI?

 Why IT Operations Teams Should Embrace Context-Aware Security

 How to enable new header UI for File Explorer on Windows 11

 Windows 11 could soon get a lot more Android apps

 Google wants to target you – yes, YOU – with AI-generated ads

 Murky Turkey/Negotiating Hotel Prices/Free Stays at Wyndham

 Sony’s PlayStation handheld reportedly arriving in November

 3 things businesses must do to secure applications in the AI era

 ‘Lego 2K Drive’ lets you build your dream race car, brick by brick

 ‘LoL’ Statikk Shiv Bug Gives Players Gold After Killing Allied Minions! Here’s How To Activate This Effect

 Opera wants to be like Microsoft Edge and adds its own AI

 How Does Snapchat AI Know My Location and How to Disable It

 Sam Altman says he has “many concerns” about the EU’s proposed AI Act and OpenAI “will try to comply, but if we can’t comply we will cease operating” (Financial Times)

 Harvesting Electricity from Thin Air: Engineers Unlock the Power of Nanopores

 Google Play app downloaded 50,000 times made secret mic recordings every 15 minutes

 14 games from the PlayStation Showcase coming to Xbox and PC

 The Morning After: Sony reveals its PS5 streaming handheld

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