Today’s News Feed Picks are ChromeReady, The Mac Observer, Talk Android, and MIT Technology Review

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ChromeReady –  This tech news feed is from “ChromeReady”, the best online resource for tutorials, reviews, and news related to Chromebook, Chrome OS, Chromecast, and Chrome Browser. ChromeReady is dedicated to providing you with the very best of these worlds with tested articles that work.

The Mac Observer –  This tech news feed is from “The Mac Observer”; publishing Apple-related news, tips, podcasts, reviews, and analysis since 1998 (and was Webintosh before that!).

Talk Android –  This tech news feed is from “Talk Android”, a site dedicated to reporting on Android and Google related mobile news based in North America. Talk Android is the property of Canuck Digital Media Inc., which owns and manages the site. All content on the site is written by our writers and editors and…

MIT Technology Review –  This tech news feed is from “MIT Technology Review”, a world-renowned, independent media company whose insight, analysis, reviews, interviews and live events explain the newest technologies and their commercial, social and political impacts. – A great resource to quickly preview news feeds from over 200 popular tech news websites and blogs.

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  • Ok, so technically, someone tried to hack into my home network. Although they did not get in, I thought it would be informative to go over what happened. In this article, I will explain the different methods used to get into my network, what the … My Home Network Was Hacked Read More »
  • If you want to grant a Standard user complete control over the operating system, its apps, and its settings, there are several ways to set it as Administrator on Windows 11. An Administrator account can install software and hardware, access any files (including system-protected ones), and manage other user accounts. Furthermore, it’s recommended to have […]
  • A proxy is a computer software component that acts as an intermediary by placing itself between two hosts to facilitate or monitor their exchanges. In computer networks, a proxy is then a program serving as an intermediary to access another network (usually the network is public Internet). By extension, we also call a hardware proxy […]
  • If you are experiencing an issue with your Verizon iPhone’s voicemail claiming that it’s full, you are not alone, and the problem is likely on Verizon’s end. After extensively researching Verizon and Apple troubleshooting forums, I have gathered enough information to determine why your iPhone’s voicemail is full even after deleting. My research has indicated…

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The Customize Windows

The Daily Swig

The Gadget Buyer – A great resource to quickly preview news feeds from over 200 popular tech news websites and blogs.

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  • BCWipe is designed to securely delete files from your hard drive. Standard file deletion leaves the contents of the "deleted" file on your disk. Unless it has been overwritten by files subsequently saved, it can be recovered using standard disk utilities. Working quickly and integrated with Windows Shell, it shreds data in files so that […]

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  • Do you know where your secrets are? If not, I can tell you: you are not alone. Hundreds of CISOs, CSOs, and security leaders, whether from small or large companies, don't know either. No matter the organization's size, the certifications, tools, people, and processes: secrets are not visible in 99% of cases. It might sound […]

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