How you can take back control of your Google Chrome Bookmarks

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as published by Dave’s Computer Tips

 Jason Shuffield – Dave’s Computer Tips

How To Manage Google Bookmarks

KEY TAKEAWAY: In this article, I want to show you how you can take back control of your Bookmarks. Before we get into this, make sure you check out some of these other articles on Dave’s Computer Tips about Google:

Getting the Play Store on your Fire Tablet is easy, and we walk you through the process

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as published by Android Police

WILL SATTELBERG – Android Police

How to install the Google Play Store on every Amazon Fire tablet

KEY TAKEAWAY: Amazon’s Fire tablets run Fire OS, a forked version of Android with a custom homescreen. The Google Play Store is also replaced with the Amazon’s Appstore. While the Appstore contains popular apps and games, it’s no replacement for the Play Store, especially when you’re looking for Google-owned apps like YouTube, Chrome, and Gmail.

Today’s News Feed at Rick’s Daily Tips

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  • Do you ever find yourself needing to use Microsoft Office on a PC that doesn’t have it installed? An easy solution is to use a cloud-based Office suite like MS Office Online or Google Docs, but what if you happen to be in a place that doesn’t have Internet access? Well, there’s a simple (and free) solution to […]
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Your Gmail account has an unlimited number of addresses you can use whenever you want

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as published by Lifehacker

Jake Peterson – Lifehacker

Your Gmail Account Has Unlimited Addresses

KEY TAKEAWAY: There are actually a couple of methods here. The first is what allows you to turn your single gmail address into infinite addresses, through a tactic called “plus addressing” (a fitting name). In order to take advantage of plus addressing, you simply type a plus (+) after the local-part (the name before the @), then type whatever you want.

For example, if my Gmail address were, I could type, or The service you’re using that email with will think it’s an entirely new address, but any emails to that address will still be sent to your inbox. This works for any Gmail address, even if the domain isn’t

How to delete a Facebook Page that you have full access to

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as published by the Facebook Help Center

 Facebook – Facebook Help Center

Delete or cancel deletion of your Facebook Page

KEY TAKEAWAY: This is instruction to delete a Facebook page that you have full admin rights to. Deletion is immediate; however, it won’t be permanently deleted until 14 days have passed.

Log into Facebook, then click your profile photo in the top right.

Click See all Profiles, then select the Page you want to switch into.

Click your Page photo in the top right.

Click Settings & privacy, then click Settings.

Click Privacy in the left menu, then click Facebook Page information.

Next to Deactivation and deletion, click View.

Select Delete Page, then click Continue and follow the steps. You may be asked to re-enter your password.

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