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  • Windows 11 already has a built-in privacy dashboard that lets you see where sensitive hardware is being used. You can go to Settings > Privacy and find out what apps have accessed your location or viewed you through the webcam. At the same time, Windows 11’s taskbar can show you what apps are actively accessing […]
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Today’s News Feed at Windows Report

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  • Many users have complained about an invisible box on their desktop, which is one way or another problem. Unfortunately, the invisible box on the desktop only appears when the cursor drapes above it. However, numerous other display issues, like the Windows 11 theme keeps changing, causing problems with the PC. Why is the invisible box […]
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Today’s News Feed at The Customize Windows

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  • In a surprising move, IBM has killed its Watson IoT platform. This is big news for the tech industry, as IBM has been a leading player in the IoT space for years. So, what does this mean for existing Watson IoT users? And what will IBM be doing instead? The IBM Watson IoT Platform is […]
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Today’s News Feed at AskWoody

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  • Special alert By Susan Bradley November Domain controller update leads to memory leak Business patchers only:  Microsoft has posted up a known side effect introduced by the November updates applied to domain controllers. As they note in their health release: (with my slight edits for clarification) After installing November or later updates on Domain Controllers (DCs), […]
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