How to use the Speed Dial is a NEW solely owned and managed web site, hosted by, that is a constant work in progress. The site specializes in news feeds from the most popular tech sites and blogs on the internet . As a result, the site dynamically changes everyday to provide anyone that has a passion for tech with a resource to consume as much tech information (and news) in a very short timespan.

In other words, instead of jumping around and visiting the various tech sites on the internet to see what is new, you can visit and visit the news feeds from these sites in one place to quickly review new headline postings from any particular site that interests you. In order to make efficient use of the web site, it is important to learn how to use the “Speed Dial”. It is very easy…

How to use the “Speed Dial” …

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll to the “Speed Dial Directory” where you find a category of news feeds by “topic” and scroll further you will find the individual feeds by ” site title”
  3. When you select a “site title”, the daily feed for that site will load. This is where you can preview what is new for that particular site. Find something of interest, click on the title and it will launch you directly to the author’s web site and to the title you had selected. You can also click on any of the “site logos” to go directly to a web site.
  4. IMPORTANT PART: Anytime you want to return to the “Speed Dial Directory”, simply locate the “Speed Dial” Button (as reflected) and click on it. This will return you to the “Speed Dial Directory”, where you can select something else.

The “Speed Dial” concept, once learned, allows you to selectively and quickly jump from news feed to news feed. Please share “” with others and be sure to subscribe. If there is a tech site I do not have listed be sure to contact me so that I can do a quick review; and if approved, it will be posted.

Thank you for visiting “”